Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my favorite things

my friend lyndi has a journal, and she has all of her friends list the things that make them joyful in this journal.

here is my list of things that make me joyful. i add to this everyday, so keep in mind that this is not everything:

the smell of candles burning, going home after not being there for a while, mountains, sunrises, hope friends, home friends, clare and mom and dad and natalie and the rest of my extended family, reading, trampolines, freeze pops, warm rainy days, my big comfy bed, bamboo, sharing music with my friends, big cities, blowing bubbles, sunsets over lake michigan, sitting and listening to my friends play guitar, bonfires, bike rides, cold showers, running, the beach, audrey hepburn, libraries, hope college (especially in the spring), picnics, lighthouses, airplanes, the first snowfall of winter - but also the first warm day after a long winter, crunchy leaves, the color red, fruit snacks, harry potter, sleeping with thick socks on, dressing up, dancing, going out to eat, dad's cooking, springhill, pictures, tea, coffee, white hot chocolate, the smell of flowers, grand haven, ann arbor, olivia and ella and their beautiful smiles, babies/kids in general, driving with the windows down, playing scrabble with mom, camping, roller coasters, mac n cheese, milk and cookies, handwritten letters, annie wannie, dresses, sandals, mowing the lawn, baking, seeing the results of hard work, painting, drawing, art museums, history, zoos, sleeping in (especially being able to wake up and just lay there), hearing my grandma's life story, not knowing what the future holds, GOD - His amazing grace and ability to somehow always make me happy, face-to-face conversations, bomb, caramel, moose tracks ice cream, putting on lotion, the smell of laundry, post cards, ice cold water after a long run, saunas, hot tubs, old family photos, just sitting and listening to everyone sing in chapel, unconditional love, children laughing, puppies and kittens and letting them lick my hand, mix cds, naps, cuddling, memoirs, dancing, running when the sun's out, running early in the morning, running in the rain, friday night beds, napping in the pine grove, talking about God with my close friends, dad's christmas cookies, making eye contact with someone and feeling a deep connection with them for a brief moment, watching movies late at night, surprise visits, road trips, going on dates, knitting, discovering new places, traveling/exploring, trains, sleepovers, waking up and not feeling tired, holding hands, Jamaica, sign language, trena/michelle/and casey's voices, napping on the beach, sweating from doing hard work, having my hair played with, giving head rubs...

what are some of your favorite things?

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