Thursday, August 13, 2009


i had an english professor tell me once:
"you are an english major, so there should never be a time in your life when you say, 'there are no words to describe this.'"

i have realized this summer that this statement is ridiculous.
i have seen beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary and i have felt feelings of sadness and joy so strong that i just cry and/or smile because i have no other way of expressing how i feel.

although words are wonderful and can usually express how i feel in the most perfect way, it is such a beautiful thing to know that God gave us other ways of expressing ourselves and that He placed people in our lives that we can share these feelings with and they just know how we feel without actually having to say anything.


  1. I totally get you! Sometimes when God is speaking to me, I'm speechless And then I try to tell people about it, look like a fool because I'm such in awe that the words can't come out. I also dance to express my love for Him. Isn't He the coolest daddy! Thanks for following me! Let me know what your thoughts are about politics and how I can pray for you!

  2. if this was facebook i would click "like"